Saturday, 10 October 2009

The closing party was ace too!

here's a video of Ruarri playing... and I think Lil Lou dancing!
a report of the whole exhibition from start to finish will be posted as a pdf file or similar soon for others to use as a resource. We are holding a drawing club on Sun eve on the hi5 space next to Bunters from 5 til 8pm. Bring your sketchbooks, paper, card, pencils pens etc.. anything you fancy drawing in and with... we will do some drawing exercises/games etc or if you just want the space to draw you're own stuff then come along too. All welcome.. all abilities welcome.. t may just be me and Faye with a kettle and some tea bags!.. not speaking to each while our tongues sticking out while heads in our drawing clouds!...bring biccies and tea bags if ya fancy.. the bar will be open too. email if you need more info or would like to

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