Wednesday, 31 August 2011


HI All here is an exhibition that shouldn't be missed. The MA shows are on but our show is up and looking great. Would love to see you there.. cheers for now Tues 6th eve 6pm at Woodlane...x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

RIP Matt Upser of local band Greydog...

some sad news!.... last week one of the members of Greydog, (shown in the photo below, at the table nearest) who are friends of hi5 and who played at the last hi5 exhibition in St Austell for us, Matt Upsher, lost his life to the sea while surfing. I was on the beach when it was happening and feel completely shocked and sad for his family, friends. We wish them all the support in the world in peace xxx

Monday, 17 May 2010

hi5 and Word M'art in the Market House

we're back on's the press release, some artwork from all the artists taking part and the poster... pass it on...

We also have Ryan Jones (Hitchcock Rules) playing live with his band!! refreshments available so pop along for some live music, chat and lots of art.

Art Explosion in the Market House St Austell

Art collective ‘hi5’ and internationally acclaimed poet Sally Crabtree have collaborated to transform the Market House in St Austell for two weeks with poetic performances and exhibitions thanks to support from Feast, Restormel Arts, St Austell Town Council and Cornwall Council’s Creative Team.

‘hi5’ is a collective of five South West based professional artists with track record of using art to change spaces, especially empty shops. The collective include illustrator Caroline Pedler, painter Faye Dobinson, printmaker Paul Bawden, painter, Lucy Brown and designer, illustrator Andy Pedler. For this particular project the group have also invited three guest artists to join them including ceramicist Rebecca Harvey, St Austell based Tamsin Dearing and sculptor James Eddy who will be creating a site specific installation.

Word M’art is a performance based show from the prolific poet Sally Crabtree. “Poetry should be taken down from its ivory tower and given back to the people where it belongs. In Cuba, the factory workers have poems read to them while they work and for them poetry is celebrated. It is as natural a part of their lives as living and breathing and they are not afraid to show their emotions. Here, it is only when there is a marriage, death or a birth that most of us are brave enough to get poetry out! I want to change all that and show people that poetry doesn’t have to be boring, stuffy or elitist. It can be fun, exciting, engaging and uplifting. There’s a poetry revolution going on and I want to encourage people to sign up!” says Sally.

Word M'Art is an interactive supermarket themed poetry installation, which can be set up in empty shops, supermarkets, as a market stall for fetes, carnivals, festivals or as a museum or gallery installation. The week-long launch event in St Austell will see interactive performances such as the Trolley Waltz, Poems in a Tin, ‘I'll Eat My Words’ edible poetry cakes, Shopping List Lotto, poetic cures at the Word M'Art Pharmacy and live musical poetry from the Story Aisle Word M'arts in-store band – viva la poetry.

Caroline Pedler from ‘hi5’, “The Market House in St Austell is an amazing building that houses a number of eclectic shops under the largest wooden ceiling of its kind in the UK. The aim of the collaboration is to energise a space, to give people different reasons to visit St Austell, to bring the shops immediate environment alive and to make art and poetry accessible by taking it into everyday spaces.”

The ‘hi5’ exhibitions are free and will be open from Mon 24 May until 5 June from 10am to 4pm daily, except Sundays and Banks Holiday. There is a private view on Thursday 27 May from 5 – 9 pm, this will be a great opportunity to meet and greet the artists in person and enjoy a night of art, poetry, music and creative collaboration. There will be live music and light refreshments will be available from the venue. Word M’Art will be open from 1 - 5 June, it is also free and open from 10.30 am – 4pm daily. There is a free art workshop from 2 – 4 pm, on the 2nd June with Cosmic for children and young people, under 12’s will need to be accompanied. ‘hi5’ and Sally are closing the project on Saturday 4, with tea and cake from 3pm.



Or find us on HYPERLINK "" search hi5 art collective

Word M’art - Sally Crabtree m: 07971 687120 or

To find out more visit

To find out more visit

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

hey we're off again.. here's all the info!

hello! what I hear you ask? well your are invited to our private view....when? on THUR 8TH APRIL 6-10PM.. please come along for a glass of wine and some delicious nibbles.
where? the old Storm watch shop at the Boscawen st entrance to Hall for Cornwall...poster below

Please pass the word on and look forward to seeing you there ...THanks ...hi5! xxx

The line up includes artists, Faye Dobinson, Paul Bawden, Lucy Brown and Caroline Pedler with guest artists James Eddy creating an installation onsite and Rebecca Harvey with her beautifully crafted ceramics, ,with a new edition, Andy Pedler.

hi5 Art Collective are back in Truro and changing spaces for the Art In The City festival in April. Using empty shops to exhibit their work, injecting life into an otherwise dead space.

After a roaring success in September last year, the artists will be showing their work at the other end of Truro. Currently working with Neil Scott from Totally Truro and Cornwall County Council in securing a shop in Boscawen St, for the duration of the art festival. Details yet to be confirmed.

“hi5 are all full time professional artists, so finding time to come together and even organise a meeting can be tricky but we’ve managed to find some time to do some new work and hopefully put on another great show! It’s going to be a lot smaller this year due to the size of the shop we have in mind. That’s not a problem though as we can adapt and that’s half the fun of using empty shops. We’re really excited about getting in there and making it ours, if only for a week or so. Having a new artist on board is exciting too although he’s my brother I’m excited about seeing what he brings to the table, and as siblings it’s also exciting and special about exhibiting in our home town.” hi5 founder Caroline Pedler

They are planning to have an open party with entertainment, along with Nigel from Experience Wine supplying us with some delicious Spanish wine. The Tea Appreciation Society will be hovering around with some tea paraphernalia and probably some home made treats from Mrs Pedlers kitchen and Archie Browns! The launch party will take place on Thur 8th April from 6pm til late.

hi5 will not only be exhibiting work in Truro but have also been asked to do a similar event in St Austell at the end of May for two weeks. Working with St Austell County Council they will be using empty shop spaces within the Old Market House. Encouraging people to come into the town, to use the Old Market building and experience something inspiring and different.

Friday, 30 October 2009

next move!

The drawing club was fun!,., you'll see the pics we did up in the window of the space and some up on the facebook page... we're not sure what's happening next as time is of an essence leading up to Christmas and we're hoping to get another show in from the 11th Dec - 24th Dec! watch this space and if you know of any good empty spaces in Truro let us

Saturday, 10 October 2009

LAZY SUNDAY EVENING....drawing club!!!

guess what?!!! we're having a drawing evening.. come along with your sketchbooks, paper, card, anything you can get your hands on to draw on and with.. pencils, crayons, pens! 5 til 8pm in the hi5 artspace next to Bunters. It's still empty so we're gonna use it one more time... any questions email us on rsvp if you can. it may just me and Faye which is great but please feel free to come along and join us!.. maybe some drawing games or exercises.. something fun laid back and nothing intrusive!...bring some ideas to the table and we'll see how it evolves.

we'll have a kettle on the go and some teabags.. so bring a mug and some milk and some nibbles if you fancy and we're away. the Bar will be open too if you so

The closing party was ace too!

here's a video of Ruarri playing... and I think Lil Lou dancing!
a report of the whole exhibition from start to finish will be posted as a pdf file or similar soon for others to use as a resource. We are holding a drawing club on Sun eve on the hi5 space next to Bunters from 5 til 8pm. Bring your sketchbooks, paper, card, pencils pens etc.. anything you fancy drawing in and with... we will do some drawing exercises/games etc or if you just want the space to draw you're own stuff then come along too. All welcome.. all abilities welcome.. t may just be me and Faye with a kettle and some tea bags!.. not speaking to each while our tongues sticking out while heads in our drawing clouds!...bring biccies and tea bags if ya fancy.. the bar will be open too. email if you need more info or would like to

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

hi5 exhibition a roaring success!

New art collective hi5 are changing spaces! They are taking over empty shops in Truro and changing them into art spaces. The first exhibition kicked off with a launch night on Friday 11th Sept and it was a roaring success. (The show will continue until Fri 25th Sept, open daily 10am-5pm). The doors opened at 6pm with a constant stream of people until 11.30pm. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and all senses were tantalised! There was live music from All The Fires, a huge selection of artwork with something for everyone to enjoy. There was a selection of tea from the Tea Appreciation Society for those driving, delicious chocolate brownies from Archie Browns along with homemade cakes from hi5 Mum, Margaret Pedler. The art group had also partnered up with the adjoining Bunters bar to create two sizzling hi5 cocktails, which were a huge hit.

The whole event was a welcome sight in the old empty surf shop. The Soup Gallery across the road had a private view on the same night so the whole street was buzzing with people. It certainly was a great night, in great company and one not to be missed next time round!

…and if you did miss the launch party, you can experience it all again for the closing party on the 25th Sept, 6pm til late. This time there will be more art, more music with Ruarri Joseph and Chris Smith, an art installation from sculptor James Eddy with more tea and cakes and of course more hi5 cocktails! The artists have also been working on a canvas together in the space. This will be auctioned on the night with proceeds to Unity’s Charity. Go along on and meet all five artists for the last time, before the space is transformed back again.


I would just like to say a huge thanks to all the people who helped us make this such a great event and for being so supportive! without question!

...firstly thanks to Tim Vigus for being a star! for letting us use the space and being so open to the idea.

MONKEY PUZZLE ART PRINTERS for printing the lovely leaflet/fliers for us.

Chris and Justin and all the staff at BUNTERS. Especially thanks for the amazing hi5 cocktails!!

TRURO ARTS SUPPLIES for supplying us with art materials and being so lovely!!!

Neil Scott and Charla from TOTALLY TRURO for some great ideas and contacts and advice

Shayne the amazing teajuana from the TEA APPRECIATION SOCIETY for all the lovely tea and filming us and taking pics on his expensive (but borrowed!) camera

Felicity from ARCHIE BROWNS for the fantastically gorgeous chocolate brownies!

my MUM for the equally fantastic cakes

Lee and Georgina at the WEST BRITON for some great coverage in da paper!
...also Mandy at the BOLSTER paper in St Agnes.

and last but not least the hi5 crew for being so bloomin amazing! we rock! xxx

I'm sure I've forgotten somebody so will check later and return!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Launch night was a huge success!!! here are some pics.. video available to view on our facebook page or here review to follow.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


... we have spent all day today putting the show up and it looks ace!!!.. a lot of tooing and frooing but Paul came up with the goods and sorted us chattering ladies out by just getting on and sorting it! So it's all up and looking good...woohoo!!!! bring it on!


Only one more day and we're there!!!... we're all very excited and looking forward to actually getting some work on the walls!!...Radio Cornwall was great. Pam Spriggs was the best!.. very comfortable and we all said some stuff without sounding like plonkers...I hope! well so my Dad says anyway! I think we said everything we needed to say. I would have liked to mention everyone who has helped us but wasn't possible but we got the bands in so that's cool. We're all going to the space today to hang work and tidy and clean! ugh! but Pauly and the guys have done a great job painting n all so that's great!

Loads of people have said they will be coming so I think there will be a steady stream of people! Bunters will be creating a hi5 cocktail for the evening and we will have a small amount of booze on offer with tea and cake! I can't wait.. so I'd better go and finish my paintings!!..x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


thanks for the blog link Shayney! mucho appreciated! see you with your gingham table cloth and tea bags!!!.. oh ps I love my make tea not war tea bag!! you should all get one!!.. there will hopefully be some tea merch to sell at the do too!! xxx n ot hanging up from the pics I hasten to add!!!

Monday, 7 September 2009

no more news expect that it's getting close!!... lots of people have said they're gonna come and lots of people I don't know have seen it and are coming too!. The logo seems to have worked and people are interested...! the tea boy will be doing a blog on his blog The tea Appreciation blog. I'll add a link. James has decided that he will take the two weeks to do the installation ready for the closing party as he has to work this week! We are on the radio on Wed am so we will all meet at the space and talk logistics of hanging! oh joy!... we will hopefully be keeping a daily blog of who's done what and with the odd pic or two.. We will be hopefully showing a couple of animations on the launch night too. Mine and Kate Maratty's show reel from college which is awesome!.. and my animation from Angus and Julia's single The Beast! woohoo!! so again... watch this space..! should be a busy night on Friday! x

Thursday, 3 September 2009

press releases!

The press releases have all gone out and sculptor James Eddy is collecting supplies for his installation that will fill the ceiling space as you come in the door... Bec the ceramicist is on board to fill the ground space and all the rest of us have to do is fill the walls with lovely art work...!

The press release has gone to the west briton so here's hoping we get a good space there. We're on Radio Cornwall on the 9th Sept from 10.15am plugging away!!!
Paul is painting the rest of the space spangly white too.
All the Fires came and saw the space last week and hopefully all excited about the event. Leaving us with a couple of copies of their ep which is so so lovely!!! I think they will be available to buy on the night.
Shayne the teaboy is sourcing lots of tea for the event, and filming! and Felicity at Archie Browns is baking us some chocolate brownies! and my Mum some cookies...woohoo!!... The Soup Gallery have a preview on the same night so we are hoping to share some of their customers and I think having a barby too which would be great... we have asked local businesses if they'd like to open late that night to create a lovely village feel in that quarter of the City. We're not sure how it's all going to pan out! we just hope that everybody experiences something lovely! and is inspired by art in Truro!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

hi5 art extravaganza!

well...hi5 are up and running and flying high! We have a shop and we've started painting... it's big!!! We will be working with a sculptor and a ceramicist in the space. We intend to bring dance group All a Scrawl onboard! All The Fires, Chris Smith and Ruarri Joseph are also on board to play and create great stuff in our space with us!... very exciting! put it in your diaries now.... 11th Sept and 25th Sept 6pm til late and the two weeks in between.
Drawing clubs on a daily basis, offering an interactive space, working with surrounding shops, utilising the space in between the shops, possibly offering an evening barbeque and late night opening in the Kenwyn Street quarter. So not just an exhibition! this space