Tuesday, 25 August 2009

hi5 art extravaganza!

well...hi5 are up and running and flying high! We have a shop and we've started painting... it's big!!! We will be working with a sculptor and a ceramicist in the space. We intend to bring dance group All a Scrawl onboard! All The Fires, Chris Smith and Ruarri Joseph are also on board to play and create great stuff in our space with us!... very exciting! put it in your diaries now.... 11th Sept and 25th Sept 6pm til late and the two weeks in between.
Drawing clubs on a daily basis, offering an interactive space, working with surrounding shops, utilising the space in between the shops, possibly offering an evening barbeque and late night opening in the Kenwyn Street quarter. So not just an exhibition!...watch this space

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  1. Can I be the first to wish you luck with this BRILLIANT venture. Just received the "blurb" from Lucy and really looking forward to the launch party the Closing party and everything in between. Well done to artists and sponsers alike. Love and luck from Mel and Kev (Lucy's Mum and Dad XX)