Thursday, 3 September 2009

press releases!

The press releases have all gone out and sculptor James Eddy is collecting supplies for his installation that will fill the ceiling space as you come in the door... Bec the ceramicist is on board to fill the ground space and all the rest of us have to do is fill the walls with lovely art work...!

The press release has gone to the west briton so here's hoping we get a good space there. We're on Radio Cornwall on the 9th Sept from 10.15am plugging away!!!
Paul is painting the rest of the space spangly white too.
All the Fires came and saw the space last week and hopefully all excited about the event. Leaving us with a couple of copies of their ep which is so so lovely!!! I think they will be available to buy on the night.
Shayne the teaboy is sourcing lots of tea for the event, and filming! and Felicity at Archie Browns is baking us some chocolate brownies! and my Mum some cookies...woohoo!!... The Soup Gallery have a preview on the same night so we are hoping to share some of their customers and I think having a barby too which would be great... we have asked local businesses if they'd like to open late that night to create a lovely village feel in that quarter of the City. We're not sure how it's all going to pan out! we just hope that everybody experiences something lovely! and is inspired by art in Truro!

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