Monday, 7 September 2009

no more news expect that it's getting close!!... lots of people have said they're gonna come and lots of people I don't know have seen it and are coming too!. The logo seems to have worked and people are interested...! the tea boy will be doing a blog on his blog The tea Appreciation blog. I'll add a link. James has decided that he will take the two weeks to do the installation ready for the closing party as he has to work this week! We are on the radio on Wed am so we will all meet at the space and talk logistics of hanging! oh joy!... we will hopefully be keeping a daily blog of who's done what and with the odd pic or two.. We will be hopefully showing a couple of animations on the launch night too. Mine and Kate Maratty's show reel from college which is awesome!.. and my animation from Angus and Julia's single The Beast! woohoo!! so again... watch this space..! should be a busy night on Friday! x

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