Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I would just like to say a huge thanks to all the people who helped us make this such a great event and for being so supportive! without question!

...firstly thanks to Tim Vigus for being a star! for letting us use the space and being so open to the idea.

MONKEY PUZZLE ART PRINTERS for printing the lovely leaflet/fliers for us.

Chris and Justin and all the staff at BUNTERS. Especially thanks for the amazing hi5 cocktails!!

TRURO ARTS SUPPLIES for supplying us with art materials and being so lovely!!!

Neil Scott and Charla from TOTALLY TRURO for some great ideas and contacts and advice

Shayne the amazing teajuana from the TEA APPRECIATION SOCIETY for all the lovely tea and filming us and taking pics on his expensive (but borrowed!) camera

Felicity from ARCHIE BROWNS for the fantastically gorgeous chocolate brownies!

my MUM for the equally fantastic cakes

Lee and Georgina at the WEST BRITON for some great coverage in da paper!
...also Mandy at the BOLSTER paper in St Agnes.

and last but not least the hi5 crew for being so bloomin amazing! we rock! xxx

I'm sure I've forgotten somebody so will check later and return!

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