Thursday, 10 September 2009


Only one more day and we're there!!!... we're all very excited and looking forward to actually getting some work on the walls!!...Radio Cornwall was great. Pam Spriggs was the best!.. very comfortable and we all said some stuff without sounding like plonkers...I hope! well so my Dad says anyway! I think we said everything we needed to say. I would have liked to mention everyone who has helped us but wasn't possible but we got the bands in so that's cool. We're all going to the space today to hang work and tidy and clean! ugh! but Pauly and the guys have done a great job painting n all so that's great!

Loads of people have said they will be coming so I think there will be a steady stream of people! Bunters will be creating a hi5 cocktail for the evening and we will have a small amount of booze on offer with tea and cake! I can't wait.. so I'd better go and finish my paintings!!..x

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